Simple Search

In order to search with FAROO, you must simply enter some describing words and the press "Enter"-key (or click at the FAROO search button). Then you receive a list of relevant search results.

Automatic "AND"-search

FAROO returns only pages, which contain all of your search terms. You do not need to enter "AND" between the search terms. In order to narrow a search, you simply have to enter more terms.

Stop words

FAROO ignores common words and letters, which are known as "stop words". FAROO skips automatically words like "the" and "www" as well as single letters, as such terms help only little in specifying a search, at the same time they are slowing down the search and allocating index storage space.

Keyword in context

A search result from FAROO contains one or several excerpt from the web page, to give you an insight in which context your search term occurs within the page. This is also referred to as "Keyword in Context" or KWIC.


When searching with FAROO the upper and lower case forms of a search term are found. E.g. searches for "faroo", "FAROO" and "FaRoO" provide identical results.


When entering a search query you may type the German "umlaut" chars ä ü ö ß or use the transcriptions ae, ue, oe and ss. E.g. searches for "Muenchen" und "München" provide identical results.


FAROO provides identical search results for compound variants, e.g. for search-engine, "search-engine" and "search engine". However the search for searchengine provides differing results.

Words with apostrophes

When after the apostrophe (´ or ') follow less than two chars, then these chars are truncated (london's -> london), otherwise the apostrophe is removed (ku'damm -> kudamm).


When indexing and when entering search terms FAROO reduces the different morphological variants of a word to its common stem. This is referred to as stemming. Therefore when searching "house" also "houses" are found.


The actualization of the index is occurs almost in real time. As soon as an arbitrary FAROO user visits a new or changed web page, the distributed index is updated, and all FAROO users receive from this time on the updated search results.

Char sets

On input of search terms and display of results are all Unicode utf-8 char sets supported. This includes also Chinese, Japanese or Cyrillic fonts.

Number of search results

FAROO returns 10 results per page at maximum. The total number of results is restricted to 100. If this is not enough, you may refine your search to get hundred more precise results.

Language of results

FAROO currently does a focused crawling for English, German and Chinese web pages.
The user may select in which of these languages the results should be returned.

Language of user interface

The FAROO user interface is available in localized versions for English, German and Chinese. FAROO switches automatically to the appropriate language (according to the operating system / browser language preference).

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Google Chrome

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