“We are decentralizing Search,
using the Internet's core principle„

Already powered by more than 2.5 Million peers and
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 processor cycles per month

Copy the entire Internet to one system? Strange idea?
That's what search engines try to do, requiring a million servers and billions of dollars.
FAROO Distributed Search is Different!
The searcher becomes a part of FAROO. All users connect their computers to a huge collective P2P search engine. Whose architecture is distributed like the Internet itself.
The collection of the whole, exponentially growing Web on a single central system is not successful on the long run. Ever increasing infrastructure investments can't keep up with the pace of the realtime web.
Centralisation increases the vulnerability to technical and human failure, putting freedom of information at risk. We need a future proof concept for search as a gatekeeper to the worlds information.
FAROO is a web search engine based on peer-to-peer technology.
Visited web pages are automatically included in the distributed index.
FAROO implements an user generated, attention based ranking. FAROO provides anonymous, censor resistant search.
With FAROO's distributed peer-to-peer search engine the same users, who provide the content of the internet assure also, that it is findable too. This delivers more up-to-date, more complete and more cost-efficient search results, enabling realtime search at web scale.
Relevance is the only cure to information overflow and spam. With FAROO the visitor of a page also decides about its ranking. Our attention based ranking is done implicitly, requiring no additional effort from the user. Putting the ranking on a much wider base leads to a democratized, user centric ranking, while resistant against manipulation. For the first time the users decide themselves, which results are most important.

Decentralized Architecture

  • Peer-to-peer web search engine
  • distributed Index
  • distributed Crawler
  • distributed Ranking
  • distributed Bootstrap and Update
  • Scales organically with the Internet growth

Privacy Protection

  • Privacy protection through query and results encryption.
  • Censor resistance through distributed, redundant index.
  • No search logs

Better Search

  • People powered search
  • Democratic, attention based ranking
  • Crowdsourced Real time search
  • Alternative to information monopoly

Innovative Features

  • Continuous search & Discovery
  • Multilingual search
  • Instant search
  • Visual results through Preview Image extraction

Lowest Costs

  • no hardware costs
  • no operational costs

Distributed Search
fully decentralized index & crawler
Real-time Search
instantly indexed by our users
Democratic Ranking
user-centric & attention based
explore the world beyond English
Strong Privacy
by encryption and distribution
Low Cost
organically scaling with Internet growth
Carbon Neutral
recycling unused computer resources