distributed search

we are decentralizing search

using the internets founding principle

by distributing index and search to millions of peers

keeping load & cost per instance very low [more]

global neocortex

from search to reasoning

creating answers, not contained in the indexed documents,

by combining facts with AI: inductive & deductive reasoning,

and predicate logic.

lightweight architecture

1000 times more efficient

less space per document by entropy compression

less load per search (touches 1 server instead of 1000)

less search time independent from index & query size

less index growth asymptotically over document number

multidimensional index

beyond document centered search

towards a multidimensional space where Users, Conversations,

Annotations, Attention, Topics, Terms and Documents

are connected by multidimensional relationships,

opening a whole new world of search.

european technology & privacy

your Safe Harbor for search,

through privacy by design, because privacy by policy is broken,

and master encryption keys, encryption standards, Internet exchange points,

transatlantic cables are compromised to spy on industry, governments & public