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FAROO is a distributed web search engine based on peer-to-peer technology. The users are connecting their computers, building a worldwide, distributed p2p web search engine. No centralized index and crawler are required anymore. Every web page visited is automatically included in the distributed index of the search engine. Installing the FAROO software, users become immediately part of the distributed search engine. FAROO PeerRank is an attention based, democratic and user centric ranking. FAROO is censor resistant, anonymous and encrypted.
Copy the entire Internet to one system?
Strange idea? That's what search engines try to do,
requiring a half million servers and billions of dollars.
The searcher becomes a part of FAROO. All users connect
their computers to a huge collective P2P search engine.
Whose architecture is distributed like the Internet itself.
Decentralized Architecture more info
FAROO Real-time Search
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